Quality Policy | Grupo Gualdim

Quality Policy

Gualdim Anciães Amado & Filhos Lda is a company whose purpose is “Civil Construction and Public Works” which comply with the applicable regulations and standards and meet the specifications defined by the Client.
Since its creation it has been committed to supplying products/services with an adequate quality standard and seeking to guarantee the satisfaction and expectations of its clients.

In this sense, in order to meet the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 reference and for the good functioning of the organization, the management assumes that compliance with the provisions of the Quality Management System (QMS) is a responsibility of all employees.

Gualdim Anciães Amado & Filhos, Lda, assumes as guidelines:

1 – To make the business profitable by rigorously fulfilling the requirements applicable to the product/service.
Guide the activities to the fulfillment of the requirements associated with
2 – Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental requirements.
3 – To reach and maintain a Quality standard for Products/Services, which promotes its prestige before its clients and the market.
4 – To constantly evaluate the risk and opportunities associated with the business and QMS.
5 – Seek to improve the satisfaction of customers, suppliers, employees and management, within a framework of sustained development.
6 – Consolidate and continuously improve its QMS, taking into account legal requirements, customer requirements and other interested parties.

The management declares to its employees, customers and suppliers, all its commitment:

1 – In the commitment to a philosophy of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, taking advantage of all relevant information to continuously improve.
2 – Learning from mistakes, identifying the causes that produced them and establishing corrective actions so that they will not be repeated.
3 – In providing the company with the necessary resources and means, information and training, forms of internal and external communication, which facilitate compliance with the QMS guidelines.
4 – In promoting actions that lead to the satisfaction of the relevant stakeholders.
5 – In divulging the Quality Policy to all interested parties.